October 29, 2007

Question: Starting to Game

Tell us:

How old were you when you started gaming, and what did you first play?

Post your answer in the comments, and we'll choose a selection of the answers for publication. Please be sure to include your first name and last initial in your post, and keep it to under 100 words (or we'll excerpt it for you). By posting, you consent to publication in the RPG = Role Playing Girl anthology. If you do not wish your answer published, please explicitly indicate that in your post.


Charlotte said...

I first started gaming in middle school, so I was 12 or 13 or so. My cousin invited me to play with her group at a game store downtown, and we played AD&D 2nd Edition. It was fun!

Mo said...
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Mo said...

Besides endless storytelling fun and pretend games, I was about 8 when I first formally started roleplaying D&D. After my sister's friend's brother introduced me to his D&D set and minis, I joined a club. I played a Half-Elf Thief in the White Plume Mountain adventure and ended up dying gloriously in a successful effort to save the rest of the party from a giant crab.

Elizabeth said...

I was 13, a freshman in high school. I got invited to Chess Club, where no one actually played chess. We played D&D 2nd, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say I had to bribe the guys to calculate my THAC0 for me. I played a (male) dwarven warrior who was obsessed with cleanliness.

Sara said...

I've been into video games and board games for a long time, but my first RPG was 1001 Nights, when I was 21. My character was a historian whose goal was to have the sultan read and praise his great history of the Middle Eastern world. Oh, and I won, too!
-Sara L.